SPE 605 - Braille Reading and Writing I

Prerequisite: permission of instructor. This online course has been designed to enable teachers of children and youth with visual impairments develop basic competencies in reading and writing literary Braille, prepare correctly formatted Braille material, and have an awareness and basic understanding of the Nemeth codes for math and science for students grades K-12. Students will employ the use of the Perkins Braille Writer, slate and stylus, Perky Duck, and Duxbury translation software to produce high quality Braille material. Successful completion of this course should be regarded as only one step in a series of courses leading to certification in teaching students with visual impairments. An approved certification process must be completed in order to acquire basic and necessary competencies for work with children and youth with visual impairments. Finally, the course has been designed to help teachers develop an appreciation for the Braille system and the application of this system to all aspects of life for individuals with visual impairments. Instructor and/or site based facilitators will provide monthly face to face instruction to students whenever possible. Students must complete SPE 505 and SPE 611 to achieve mastery of literary Braille code. Note: Midterm and final examinations will be proctored. May be taught concurrently with SPE 505. Cannot receive credit for both SPE 505 and SPE 605. 3(3-0) F
Educator Prep Provider Course, Supplemental Fee
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