SPE 521 - Methods II: Functional Living Skills and Health Issues

Prerequisite: SPE 320 and SPE 322 and SPE 345 and SPE 346; and SPE 515 or SPE 616 or concurrent enrollment in SPE 515 or SPE 616; and admitted to Teacher Education Program. Stresses application of theoretical perspectives and research-based methods for individuals with developmental disabilities (i.e., intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy) who may have associated orthopedic and health impairments (e.g., ADHD and epilepsy). Students will conduct an analysis of assessment data, apply data in the development of diagnostic conclusions and corresponding educational plans. Emphasis will be placed on evaluation, accommodations, and programming for integration in school, community, and vocational settings. May be taught concurrently with SPE 621. Cannot receive credit for both SPE 621 and SPE 521. 3(3-0) D
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