SPE 499 - Clinical Experiences in Teaching II

Prerequisite: EDC 199; and SPE 497 or SPE 520 and SPE 522; and concurrent enrollment in SPE 496; and grades of "C" or better in all professional education courses; and completion of Transition Points 1 and 2; and current pre-professional liability insurance; and program approval. This course is designed to meet HB 1711 for student's experience as a Teacher's Aide or Assistant Rule (Rule 5 CSR 80-805.040), to that of conventional student teachers within the same program. It is also designed to support completion of additional clinical requirements within that program including: seminars and workshops, required meetings, school related activities appropriate to the assignment, demonstrated mastery of the MoSPE standards and completion and overall assessment of educator preparation requirements. This course is credited only on BSEd or appropriate masters-level certification programs. Can only receive credit for one of the following: AGE 499, AGT 499, ART 469, COM 493, ECE 499, ELE 499, ENG 434, FCS 498, HST 499, KIN 498, MCL 491, MID 499, MTH 496, MUS 499, SCI 499, SEC 499, SPE 499, THE 493. 4 F,S
Educator Prep Provider Course, Final Grade Stu Teach Course, HIEE-Practica
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