SPE 496 - Seminar: Supervised Teaching-Special Education

Prerequisite: SPE 497 or SPE 520 and SPE 522; and concurrent enrollment in SPE 495. Student observes, teaches, and participates in professional activities under the direction of the cooperating teacher and university supervisor or university instructor. Students administer all aspects of the instructional process, incorporating data-based decision making through conducting curriculum-based assessments as pre-/post-testing or on-going progress monitoring to support instruction of classroom content. Students will submit sample assessments, lesson objectives, lesson and unit plans, and summaries of impact of instruction upon learners in course projects. In order to receive a grade in this course, the student's student teaching performance-based assessments must be submitted and must meet instructor approval for certification submission. Course will not count toward the major GPA. 3 F,S
Educator Prep Provider Course, Final Grade Stu Teach Course, HIEE-Student Teaching
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