MUS 510 - Adolescent and Early Adult Choral/Vocal Literature and Materials for Secondary Levels

Prerequisite: admission to Teacher Education Program; MUS 204 and MUS 321 and MUS 518. Explores effective music methods and teaching strategies utilized in vocal programs in high schools. Includes pedagogy of the adolescent voice. Best practices for teaching a wide variety of vocal ensembles including curricular and extra-curricular groups. Rehearsal and lesson planning for achievement of outcomes. Practical administration of organizations commonly found in most choral music programs. Survey and analysis of choral music literature for individuals, large and small ensembles including glee clubs, mixed choruses and choirs of all levels of performance. A 20-hour practicum with an area vocal music program will be part of the course content. May be taught concurrently with MUS 609. Cannot receive credit for both MUS 510 and MUS 609. 3(3-0) S
Educator Prep Provider Course, HIEE-Practica, MUS Addtl Enrll Fee-UG
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