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ENVSC 7560 - Observing the Earth from Space

(same as BIOL_EN 7560; cross-leveled with ENV_SC 4560, BIOL_EN 4560). This course provides an understanding of the theory and application of earth observing satellite remote sensing as a tool for environmental engineering and science. The topics include the fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation, satellite and sensor technology, integration of satellite and GIS data and digital image analysis. The lectures and homework assignments at the beginning of the course provide the necessary foundation to work with satellite imagery. Students will receive training with advanced image processing software and data acquisition techniques. The course will also cover case studies using remote sensing and image analysis techniques to answer real-world problems. The lectures and homework assignments include applications in forest management, land use change detection, monitoring agricultural activities, water and air quality monitoring, climate studies, and ecology and infectious diseases. The course will cover lectures on advanced remote sensing techniques towards the end of the course. Students will work on their independent projects during the last three weeks, applying remote sensing techniques to satellite images. Prerequisites: MATH 1100 or MATH 1400 or STAT 1300 or consent of the instructor. Enrollment Requirements: Graduate standing is required.
Cross Listed Course Cross Level Course Ag, Food, & Natural Resource Course Fee >2999
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