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ENVSC 7400 - Environmental Law, Policy, and Justice

(same as with AAE 7400; cross-leveled with ENV_SC 4400). This course will examine the intersection of environmental law, policy, and justice. We will first cover the building blocks of U.S. environmental law, including common law and statutes such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. We will then turn to international environmental policy issues such as climate change, marine pollution, and the hazardous waste trade. We will approach these laws and treaties through the lens of equity and environmental justice. The course will use a variety of teaching methods, including lecture and classroom discussion using cold calling and the Socratic Method. We will also have student presentations, guest speakers, a moot court, a negotiation simulation, and a field trip in the Columbia, Missouri area. Graded on A-F basis only. Class Notes: Additional meeting time will be done online. Add Consent: Instructor Consent Required. Enrollment Requirements: Graduate standing is required.
Graded A-F basis only Requires Consent Cross Level Course Ag, Food, & Natural Resource Course Fee >2999
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