ANTHRO 1350 - Deviance: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Cross-cultural studies of problem behavior with emphasis on violence, suicide, sexual misconduct, drug use and mental disorder. Class Notes: This is a self-paced course (min 6 weeks, max 6 months). Check for advisor approval. For additional information, contact Mizzou Online at 136 Clark Hall 573-882-2491. Exams are proctored and require students to locate a qualified proctor and facility. Proctors must be confirmed/approved with Mizzou Online a minimum of 10 business days prior to the student’s first exam date. Go to for more information.
Meets Behavioral Science Requirement for Gen Ed 25$ Admin Fee Mizzou Online Self Paced STUDENTS MUST DECLARE A  START DATE FOR THIS CLASS AS IT MAY IMPACT ACADEMIC & FINANCIAL POLICIES. Mizzou Online Self Paced 6 Month Proctored Exam Req-some sites may charge a fee.
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