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HPER 100
Concepts of Fitness & Wellness
HPER 101
HPER 106
Varsity Soccer
HPER 107
Introduction to Physical Education
HPER 111
Varsity Football
HPER 112
Varsity Basketball
HPER 115
Varsity Golf
HPER 116
Varsity Cross Country
HPER 117
Varsity Volleyball
HPER 118
Varsity Cheerleading
HPER 120
Weight Training
HPER 126
Group Fitness
HPER 128
Introduction to Athletic Training
HPER 129
A T Clinical Experience I
HPER 131
Varsity Wrestling
HPER 206
Medical Conditions
HPER 207
Prevention & Care of Injuries
HPER 208
Taping and Bracing
HPER 210
First Aid & CPR
HPER 215
Methods of Teaching Sport Activities
HPER 220
Methods of Teaching Dance
HPER 226
Methds of Teaching Group Fitness and Weight Training
HPER 299
Special Topics in Human Performance
HPER 301
Psychomotor Development
HPER 307
Head, Neck, & Spine Evaluation
HPER 323
A T Clinical Experience III
HPER 325
Personal Training Methods
HPER 334
Nutrition for Physical Performance
HPER 340
Elementary Methods & Activities
HPER 341
Practicum for Elementary Physical Education
HPER 391
Secondary Physical Education Methods and Practicum
HPER 402
Methods of Coaching Basketball
HPER 403
Methods of Coaching Track
HPER 404
Methods of Coaching Baseball
HPER 410
Advanced Athletic Injuries & Modalities
HPER 420
Athletic Training Management
HPER 423
A T Clinical Experience V
HPER 431
HPER 441
Evaluation of Psychomotor Performance
HPER 494
Special Topics In Physical Ed
HPER 497
Practicum in Corporate Fitness
HPER 510
Sports Leadership and Administration
HPER 540
Foundations of Sports and Exercise Psychology
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