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CD 310
Introduction to Communication Disorders
CD 320
Introduction to Phonetics
CD 321
Language Development
CD 322
Speech Sound Disorders
CD 324
Techniques in Communication Disorders
CD 331
Language Disorders in Children
CD 341
Speech & Hearing Science
CD 342
Introduction to Audiology
CD 410
Audiology Practicum
CD 411
Clinical Practicum
CD 412
Neurology for Communication Disorders
CD 413
Anatomy and Physiology for Communication Disorders
CD 420
Advanced Communication Disorders
CD 427
Aural Rehabilitation
CD 501
Introduction to Graduate Studies
CD 502
Early Interdisciplinary Study
CD 503
Grad Seminar In Research
CD 511
Clinical Practicum: Therapy
CD 512
Intermediate Clinical Practicum
CD 513
Assessment Practicum
CD 516
Public School Practicum: Speech-Language-Pathology
CD 517
Adv External Practicum: Speech-Language-Pathology
CD 520
Fluency Disorders
CD 522
Neurogenic Communication Disorders
CD 524
Neuro Based Speech Disorders
CD 526
Applied Phonology
CD 528
Assessment in SLP
CD 530
Cleft Palate
CD 532
Voice Disorders
CD 534
Adolescent Communication
CD 535
CD 536
AAC: Multiple Disabilities
CD 538
Language and Literacy
CD 540
Professional Issues
CD 545
Public School Methods in SLP
CD 592
Special Topics
CD 597
Independent Study
CD 599
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