GPGN 432 - Formation Evaluation

(II) The basics of core analysis and the principles of all common borehole instruments are reviewed. The course teaches interpretation methods that combine the measurements of various borehole instruments to determine rock properties such as porosity, permeability, hydrocarbon saturation, water salinity, ore grade and ash content. The impact of these parameters on reserve estimates of hydrocarbon reservoirs and mineral accumulations is demonstrated. Geophysical topics such as vertical seismic profiling, single well and cross-well seismic are emphasized in this course, while formation testing, and cased hole logging are covered in GPGN419/PEGN419 presented in the fall. The laboratory provides on-line course material and hands-on computer log evaluation exercises. Only one of the two courses GPGN432 and GPGN419/ PEGN419 can be taken for credit. Prerequisites: MATH225, MATH348 or PHGN311. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab; 4 semester hours.
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