GPGN 308 - Introduction To Electrical And Electromagnetic Methods

(II) This is an introductory course on electrical and electromagnetic methods in applied geophysics. Methods covered include: natural-source methods (self-potential, telluric, magnetotelluric, audio-magnetotelluric) and artificial-source methods (direct current resistivity, induced polarization, ground/airborne/marine electromagnetic methods, ground penetrating radar, as well as laboratory and borehole methods). The fundamental theory of electrical and electromagnetic exploration is introduced, along more practical aspects such as field acquisition procedures, data processing, and data interpretation. The application of these methods is demonstrated for a large variety of exploration goals including environmental, mining, groundwater, petroleum, geothermal, basin studies, and deep crustal investigations. Prerequisites: GPGN304, PHGN200, MATH213, MATH225, and concurrent enrollment in MATH348 or PHGN311. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab; 3 semester hours.
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