GPGN 305 - Introduction To Seismic Exploration

(II) This is an introductory study of seismic methods for imaging the Earth's subsurface. The course begins with the connection between geophysical measurements and subsurface materials. It introduces basic concepts, mathematics, and physics of seismic wave propagation, emphasizing similarities with the equations and physics that underlie all geophysical methods. These methods are employed in geotechnical and environmental engineering and resources exploration for base and precious metals, industrial minerals, geothermal and hydrocarbons. The discussion of each method includes the principles, instrumentation, procedures of data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. Prerequisites: GPGN322, PHGN200, MATH213, MATH225, and MATH348 or PHGN311. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab; 3 semester hours.
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