GEOL 525 - Principles Of Metamorphic Geology

(I) Study of metamorphic processes and products that occur on Earth at the micro- to the macro-scale. Areas of focus include (a) the nature of metamorphism in subduction zones and continental interiors, (b) the mechanisms and physico-chemical effects of fluid-rock and melt-rock interactions, (c) links between metamorphism and ore-forming processes, and (d) combining metamorphism with geochemistry, isotope geochronology, and structural geology to quantify the tectonothermal evolution of the lithosphere throughout space and time. Laboratory exercises emphasize the examination, identification, and interpretation of metamorphic minerals and microstructures in hand sample and down the microscope, and the calculation and application of thermodynamically constrained phase equilibria to describe and predict the pressure-temperature evolution of rocks and terranes. Short field excursions to local sites of metamorphic interest. Offered every other year. Prerequisites: GEOL321 and GEGN307. 2 hours lecture; 3 hours lab; 3 semester hours.
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