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PH 232
Black & White Film Photography I
PH 262
Digital Photography I
PH 332
Black & White Film Photography II
PH 335
Studio Lighting
PH 336
Large Format Photography
PH 345
Contemporary Directions in Photography
PH 346
Socially Engaged Photography
PH 349
Social Documentary Photography
PH 354
Photographic Book
PH 355
The Body in Photography
PH 363
Digital Photography II
PH 371
Professional Strategies for Photographers
PH 373
Picturing the Third Dimension
PH 375
Narrative Strategies
PH 386
Alternative Processes in Photography
PH 390
Junior Photography Seminar
PH 398
Photography Independent Study
PH 430
The Fine Art Of Digital Printing
PH 490
Senior Thesis Project
PH 491
Senior Thesis Project II
PH 5575
Practicum I
PH 5576
Practicum II
PH 5590
MFA Seminar I
PH 5591
MFA Seminar II
PH 5605
PH 6500
MFA Seminar III
PH 6501
MFA Seminar IV
PH 6525
Practicum III
PH 6526
Practicum IV
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