LIT 485 - Stories/Images from Latin America

"This course focuses on the short story genre and explores the work of 19th through 21st century Latin American authors such as: Clarice Lipsector, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Júlio Cortázar, João Guimarães Rosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Renaldo Arenas, and Cristina Perri Rossi. The short story is the perfect literary genre for visual artists to study since it often involves the crystallization of image due to its condensed form. Students will gain an understanding of historical and cultural contexts that inform the literary woks: independence from colonial rule, slavery and abolitionist movements, indigenous rights movements and land reform, feminist movements, dictatorships, peace and justice movements, and movements for economic, racial, and gender equality. In studying the work of other creative thinkers and the context in which they work/ed, students will reflect on the influences and contexts of their own work. Ideological and aesthetic links between literature and the visual arts will be explored throughout the semester, making this course particularly relevant for students majoring in any studio practice, critical studies, and art history. ". Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: 3 credits of IH1 and 3 credits of IH2, or HMST 220 or HMST 230.
Fulfills 300/400-lvl LIT or HMST requirement
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