LIT 314-TH - Body Discourses

3 credits. Staff. Offered occasionally. Whether we experience our bodies as the site and center of our being, or we feel we are the proprietors of a shell called “the body,” whether we are at one with it or feel alienated from it, our body is always with us, we are in our body, and we desire to know it. To understand and define it, fix it, liberate it, expose it, invent and imagine “truths” that are inscribed in the flesh, however, we turn, necessarily, to symbolization and language. When studying the body, we therefore recognizes the somatic players in the drama such as skin and bones, hair, organs, ova, semen, blood—but one can be amazed at the stories woven into intricate plots by theorists from a variety of disciplines that offer often strange, often profound, and often literal insights into the body. This course serves as an introduction to the complex and extensive field of body theory, exploring texts that narrate the sexed body, the gendered body, the orgasmic body, the ascetic body, the tortured body, the uncanny body, the raced body, the foreign body, the body in images and film, and the body and technology through a variety of discourses, ranging from religious to scientific discourses, discourses on aesthetics, political activism, cultural theory, and psychoanalysis. Prerequisites: One IH1 and one IH2 course. Class Notes: 3 Seats reserved for Seniors; Juniors only until the Open Enrollment period. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: 3 credits of IH1 and 3 credits of IH2, or HMST 220 or HMST 230.
Fulfills Theory, Literature or HMST Elective
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