LIT 285-IH2 - Modern Folklore

Today’s folklore is not restricted to rural communities but may commonly be found in cities, and, rather than dying out, it is still part of the learning of all groups from family units to nations, albeit changing in form and function. Folklore as a creative activity and as a body of unscrutinized or unverifiable assertions and beliefs has not vanished. Folklore has come to be regarded as part of the human learning process and an important source of information about the history of human life. It is a complex and subtle social phenomenon having to do with the production and transmission of narratives. In this course, we will study contemporary ideas and beliefs, traditions, narratives, legends and anecdotes from the perspectives of anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, and literature. Class Notes: 3 seats open to upper level students, remaining open to Sophomores only until the Open Enrollment period. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Earned credit or concurrent enrollment in HMST 101.
Fulfills IH-2, LIT, or HMST elective
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