LIT 202 - Reading Pleasures: Poetry

Do you like reading poems? Do you hate reading them? Have you had encounters with poems that simultaneously eluded you but also drew you in? Have you explored the similarities between poetic and visual art forms? What is the necessity of poetry at this juncture in the 21st Century? In this course, we will read contemporary poems from many cultures as well as poems from earlier times. We’ll luxuriate in the pleasures of encountering language forms that are crafted to perfectly express their subject matter. And we’ll understand better why and when a poem fail to do so. We’ll learn effective methods (oral and written) for expressing our reactions to these poems. And, we’ll look at the ways in which reading poetry might help each of us to make sense of our experiences. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: HMST 101 or Permission of Instructor.
Fulfills Literature or Humanistic Studies elective
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