TECH 7993 - Internship In Engr Tech

Practical experience in engineering technology; students are placed with governmental or private organizations; project must be approved and supervised by department faculty; academic credit granted on certification of cooperating agency and acceptance by the supervising faculty of written report. NOTE: May be repeated for total of 6 semester hours credit, but no more than 3 credit hours may be applied as an elective. Number of credit hours to enroll depends on number of hours worked per week: 10-15 hours=1 credit hour; 16-30 hours=2 credit hours; 31-40 hours=3 credit hours. Work done as an intern cannot be used to fulfill project requirements in TECH 7991 or TECH 7992. Proposal required for attaining a permit. PREREQUISITE: Written proposal, offer letter from the internship organization, and permission of instructor. Grades of S, U, or IP will be given.
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