MUN 2712 - Studio Jazz

The class will rehearse standard and original tunes commonly played by small jazz ensembles. The student will develop the basic skills required of a musician performing with such a group, and will develop an understanding of the musical concepts involved in the performance of this style of music. A small ensemble would consist of a rhythm section plus 1-4 horns. The class will perform jazz tunes including, but not limited to, those based on the 12-bar blues form, I Got Rhythm chord changes, II-V-I chord changes, and the modes of major and minor scales. Concepts will include the various approaches to soloing, the use of chord substitutions, chord-scale relationships, playing in correct rhythmic time, and the use of dynamics and rhythmic variation. Group concepts discussed will include rhythm section function, musical interplay between soloist and rhythm section, and the creation of introductions, interludes, and endings. May be repeated for credit. (3 hr. lecture).
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