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GERM 197
FYS: Images of Otherness.
GERM 200
German Language, Intensive Beginners.
GERM 202D2
German Language, Beginners.
GERM 202D1
German Language, Beginners'.
GERM 259
Introduction to German Literature 1.
GERM 260
Introduction to German Literature 2.
GERM 300
German Language Intensive Intermediate.
GERM 307D2
German Language - Intermediate.
GERM 307D1
German Language - Intermediate.
GERM 325
German Language - Intensive Advanced.
GERM 331
Germany after Reunification.
GERM 333
What is Enlightenment?.
GERM 335
Science and Literature.
GERM 336
German Language, Media and Culture.
GERM 337
Literature and Revolution.
GERM 340
GERM 344
GERM 351
GERM 352
German Literature - 19th Century 3.
GERM 355
Nietzsche and Wagner.
GERM 357
German Culture in European Context.
GERM 358
Franz Kafka.
GERM 360
German Drama.
GERM 361
Weimar Literature and Culture.
GERM 363
German Postwar Literature.
GERM 364
Gender and Society in German Literature and Culture.
GERM 365
Modern Short Fiction.
GERM 366
Lyric Poetry.
GERM 367
Topics in German Thought.
GERM 368
Fin-de-Si├Ęcle Vienna.
GERM 370
Special Topics in German Film.
GERM 371
German Cinema.
GERM 372
Topics in German Cinema.
GERM 373
Weimar German Cinema.
GERM 379
German Visual Culture.
GERM 381
Topics in German Thought.
GERM 385
Critical Theory.
GERM 390
Topics in 21st Century German Literature and Culture.
GERM 397
Individual Reading Course 01.
GERM 398
Individual Reading Course 02.
GERM 401
Advanced Topics in German Literature and Culture.
GERM 499
Internship: German Studies.
GERM 570
Joint Honours Thesis.
GERM 575
Honours Thesis.
GERM 630
German Classicism 1.
GERM 635
German Romanticism 1.
GERM 640
German Realism and Early Naturalism 1.
GERM 646
German Literature - 20th Century 2.
GERM 647
German Literature - 20th Century 3.
GERM 658
Literary Theory and Criticism 4.
GERM 665
Theoretical Approach - Teaching German 1.
GERM 675
Research Seminar.
GERM 680
Research Paper 1.
GERM 681
Research Paper 2.
GERM 682
Research Paper 3.
GERM 690
Thesis Research 1.
GERM 691
Thesis Research 2.
GERM 692
Thesis Research 3.
GERM 701
Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination.
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