REHB 600 - Counseling Skills & Practicum

Students will work on average 10 hours per week (for a total of 150 hours) in an agency for the full semester and attend a weekly seminar. The focus of the practicum experience is on orientation to the field, the profession and the agency. Another part of the experience will involve interviewing and counseling skill development. The concurrent class will provide further opportunity to practice and review interviewing and counseling skills, and to participation in group supervision. Students will be required to examine their personal values and to heighten their awareness of cultural difference. The practicum must include a minimum of 1 hour, one-on-one supervision per week with an appropriate supervisor. In conjunction with course content, discussion, and assignments, students will demonstrate that they are thinking, feeling, and acting critically, ethically, and culturally to strive for effective rehabilitation counseling practice. The Counseling Skills and Practicum course must be taken within the first year of coursework. REHB 600 must be completed with a 3.0 or better to continue in the program. Failure to meet the grade point expectation will require meeting with faculty advisor to determine program status. Termination from the program may result from unsuccessful completion of the practicum. Successful completion of REHB 600 is required to register for further Rehabilitation Counseling coursework.
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