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SWK 203
Intro To Social Work
SWK 260
Substance Use and SWK
SWK 307
Child Welfare
SWK 310
Human Behav Soc Envir I
SWK 312
Hum Behav Soc Envir
SWK 320
Social Work Practice I
SWK 322
Social Work Practice II
SWK 330
Soc Wel Issues in Appalachia
SWK 332
Soc Wel Policy & Legislation
SWK 340
Social Work Research
SWK 370
Practicum I
SWK 473
Practicum II
SWK 475
Social Work Seminar
SWK 480
SpTp: Blk Panther Radical Athl
SWK 481
SpTp: Black Radical Ath Matter
SWK 483
SpTp: Marriage & Fam Therapy
SWK 485
Independent Study
SWK 486
Independent Study
SWK 501
Foundations of Gen Practice I
SWK 511
Foundations of HBSE
SWK 521
Foundations of Social Policy
SWK 531
Foundations of Gen Practice II
SWK 541
Foundations of Research
SWK 551
Foundations of Field Practicum
SWK 580
SpTp: Human Trafficking
SWK 581
SpTp: MSW Supervision
SWK 582
SpTp: Inters Of Subs Ab & Trau
SWK 583
SpTp: Bldg Sustainable Comm
SWK 613
Adv Human Behavior Social Env
SWK 615
SWK 622
Int Health Policy & Services
SWK 623
Mil MH & Imact of Trauma
SWK 631
Int Health Models & Pract
SWK 633
Adv Clin SW Prac Ind Fam
SWK 634
Adv SW Prac Gps Com & Org
SWK 642
Adv Social Research I
SWK 643
Adv Sw Research II
SWK 650
Und Military Culture
SWK 653
Adv Field Practicum
SWK 655
Comorb Ment & Phy Disorders
SWK 670
Adv Theory & Pract Child
SWK 673
Family & Community Violence
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