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ENGR 102
Introduction to CAD
ENGR 103
Freshman Engineering Seminar
ENGR 104
The Engineering Profession
ENGR 111
Engineering Computations
ENGR 201
Circuits I
ENGR 202
Circuits II
ENGR 204
Intro To Digital Systems
ENGR 213
ENGR 214
ENGR 215
Engineering Materials
ENGR 216
Mech of Deformable Bodies
ENGR 217
Engineering Co-Op Preparation
ENGR 219
Engineering Thermodynamics
ENGR 221
Engineering Economy
ENGR 222
Engr Cost Analysis & Economy
ENGR 240
Manufacturing Processes
ENGR 245
Intro to Circuits and Controls
ENGR 280
SpTp: Intro Cmpt Engr Cncpts
ENGR 281
SpTp: Communications
ENGR 290
Internship in Engineering
ENGR 318
Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 319
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
ENGR 335
Adv Engineering Analysis
ENGR 451
Intro to Proj Management
ENGR 452
Senior Capstone Design I
ENGR 453
Senior Capstone Design II
ENGR 480
SpTp: Natural Gas Reserve Asse
ENGR 481
Sptp: Comp Stress Analysis
ENGR 482
SpTp: Cell Comm Systems
ENGR 485
Independent Study
ENGR 570
Finite Elements
ENGR 610
Applied Statistics
ENGR 653
Sptp: Transport Sustainanabili
ENGR 670
Advanced Stress Analysis
ENGR 682
ENGR 685
Independent Study
ENGR 686
Independent Study
ENGR 695
Internship in Engineering
ENGR 699
Comprehensive Project
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