BIOL 440L - Advanced Human Phys

Basic principles of general animal physiology emphasizing integration of organ system functions to maintain the individual under varying conditions. Control by the nervous and hormonal systems connect all topics which will emphasize human physiology. Topics with special emphasis will include: physiology of excitable cells, muscle physiology, circulation, respiration, fluid and ion balance, and nutrient processing. The laboratory will emphasize experimentation, data analysis, and professional writing. Offered every fall. Students may take BIOL 201 and BIOL 202 or BIOL 340 and BIOL 440. Students who receive credit for BIOL 201 and/or BIOL 202 may not then take BIOL 340 and/or BIOL 440, and students who receive credit for BIOL 340 and/or BIOL 440 may not then take BIOL 201 and/or BIOL 202. Three-hour lecture, three-hour laboratory per week. Typically offered every fall. Prerequisites: CHEM 111, 112, 115, 116 or equivalent and a grade of C or higher in BIOL 130 and 131, and junior/senior status, or permission of instructor. A course in physics is recommended but not required.
BIOL 440L exclusion rule, LDM - Science Core
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