BIOL 202L - Hum Antmy&Physii

This course is a continuation of BIOL 201 and has a greater emphasis on homeostatic imbalances. Specific systems studied in this course include special senses, and the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and reproductive systems. In laboratory, students will locate and identify specific structures and their functions in those systems. Students may take BIOL 201 and BIOL 202 or BIOL 340 and BIOL 440. Students who receive credit for BIOL 201 and/or BIOL 202 may not then take BIOL 340 and/or BIOL 440, and students who receive credit for BIOL 340 and/or BIOL 440 may not then take BIOL 201 and/or BIOL 202. Three-hour lecture, three-hour laboratory per week. Offered every spring. Prerequisite: BIOL 201
BIOL 202L as Upper Level, LDM - Science Core, Natural Science Requirement
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