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EDUG 891 - Foundations in Evaluation, Assessment, and Diagnosis

This foundation course is aimed at providing a theoretical and practical basis for individual assessment of personality, intelligence and aptitude, such as WISC-IV, WAIS-III, WIAT-II and TAT. Concepts of intelligence, applications to the educational settings, social and ethical issues of individual testing will be considered. Initial practice in administering major instruments of psychological assessment will allow students to develop an understanding of their diagnostic and therapeutic value. Theory of projective psychology and its application to personality assessment is combined with supervised practice in administering and interpreting projective tests. Special attention to figure drawings and TAT, but projective component of Bender-Gestalt Visual Perceptual Test is also included. The course provides initial experience in evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning. Students will practice by administering the instruments to each other. Focus will be on integrating test material into comprehensive reports having meaning for the referral source and the client. Prerequisite: 18 credits in P.D. program.
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