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EDUG 600
Orientation to School Building Leadership
EDUG 706
Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Evaluation, Treatment Planning...
EDUG 708
Physical and Psychopharmacological Aspects of Alcohol and Su...
EDUG 713
Methods of Educational and Psychological Research
EDUG 714
Psychology of Career Counseling
EDUG 721
Introduction to Counseling Practices and Theories
EDUG 722
Techniques in Counseling the Individual
EDUG 723
Life Span Development
EDUG 725
Practicum in Groups
EDUG 726
Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
EDUG 727
Organization and Administration of the Guidance Program
EDUG 732
Practicum in Counseling
EDUG 733
Approaches to Multicultural Education for the At Risk, (ELL)...
EDUG 735
Leadership for Learning, Decision Making and Change
EDUG 738
Evaluating School Effectiveness
EDUG 745
Curriculum Development and Adaptation
EDUG 747
Supervision for the Improvement of Instruction
EDUG 748
Internship/Seminar I in School Building Leadership
EDUG 753
Teaching Reading in Content Areas for At Risk, English Lang...
EDUG 754
Literature for the At Risk, (ELL) and Disabled (Grades K-8)
EDUG 766
Literacy Instruction for At Risk, English Language Learner (...
EDUG 775
Mathematics Instruction for At Risk, English Language Learne...
EDUG 778
Nature and Needs of the Exceptional Individual
EDUG 780
EDUG 781
Management Techniques and Curriculum for the At Risk, Englis...
EDUG 785
Life Science for At Risk, English Language Learner (ELL) and...
EDUG 787
Psycho-Educational Assessment for the At Risk, English Langu...
EDUG 789
Methods of Teaching the At Risk, English Language Learner [E...
EDUG 802
Foundations, Theory and Practice of Bilingual General and Sp...
EDUG 804
Multimedia in Educational Settings
EDUG 805
Integrated Learning I:Social Studies & Language Arts Instruc...
EDUG 807
Measurement and Assessment for Counselors
EDUG 808
Integrated Learning II:Social Studies&Language Arts Ins for...
EDUG 810
Bilingual and Multicultural Assessment of Linguistically and...
EDUG 812
Integrated Curriculum II:Math,Sci & Tech for At Risk ELL and...
EDUG 813
Curriculum, Methods, and Materials in Core Subjects for Bill...
EDUG 814
Curriculum, Assessment and Methods of Teaching Native Langua...
EDUG 815
Curriculum, Assessment and Methods of Teaching English as a...
EDUG 817
Cross Cultural Counseling
EDUG 818
Internship: Bilingual Counseling
EDUG 819
Internship in MHC Counseling I
EDUG 821
Internship in School Counseling I
EDUG 826
Improvement of Instruction for Teachers of At Risk, English...
EDUG 827
Internship in School Counseling II
EDUG 829
Practicum in Teaching At Risk, (ELL) & the Disabled
EDUG 831
Principles of Instructional Design
EDUG 833
Seminar & Internship in Secondary Special Education (5 Year...
EDUG 834
Seminar & Practicum in Secondary Special Education(Teachers...
EDUG 840
School Finance + Field Experience
EDUG 845
Computer and Technology Utilization for Instructional Delive...
EDUG 848
Using Technology in the Management and Assessment Process
EDUG 850
Advanced Practicum for Counselors in Group Procedures
EDUG 851
Data Analysis and Report Writing in Educational & Psychologi...
EDUG 853
Counseling the College Applicant
EDUG 856
Supervised Fieldwork:General and Special Education
EDUG 858
Seminar, Observation and Internship in Special Education (5...
EDUG 862
Seminar/Practicum in Teaching: The Student with Disabilities...
EDUG 863
Seminar/Internship in Teaching: General and Special Educatio...
EDUG 866
Practicum in Leadership, Supervision and Consultation in Cou...
EDUG 867
Professional Orientation to Counseling:Standards, Law, Ethic...
EDUG 871
Quantitative Process Control in Education + Field Experience
EDUG 875
Foundations in Learning and Teaching with Technology
EDUG 876
Integrating Technology in Adult Learning and Collaboration
EDUG 877
Instructional Design, Technology and Information Processing
EDUG 879
Integrative Project and Seminar in Instructional Design and...
EDUG 887
Mentored Research
EDUG 888
Independent Study in Research
EDUG 889
Internship/Seminar II in School Building Leadership
EDUG 890
Supervised Fieldwork in Administration
EDUG 891
Foundations in Evaluation, Assessment, and Diagnosis
EDUG 892
Organizational Development + Field
EDUG 893
Internship/Seminar III in School District Leadership
EDUG 894
Internship MHC Counseling II
EDUG 899
Physical Science for the Teacher of the At Risk and Disabled...
EDUG 900
Current Issues in Instructional Design: Global and Ethical P...
EDUG 901
STEAM: Methods for Teaching, Sci, Tech, Engineering, Art & M...
EDUG 902
Dignity for All Students(DASA)
EDUG 903
Contemp. Couples Therapy
EDUG 904
Introduction to Family Therapy Models
EDUG 905
Foundations of Mental Health & Family Therapy
EDUG 906
Family Assessment
EDUG 907
Practicum in Marriage and Family Counseling
EDUG 908
Family Therapy&Family Law
EDUG 909
Family Systems Therapy: Practicum in Techniques
EDUG 910
Internship I and Seminar in MFT
EDUG 911
Internship II and Seminar II in MFT
EDUG 912
MBK Seminar, Observation, and Mentored Internship in Special...
EDUG 914
Special Education Mentored Research
EDUG 988
Independent Study
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