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CMPT 101
Computer Science I
CMPT 102
Computer Science II
CMPT 155
Computer Applications for Life Sciences
CMPT 201
Computer Sci II for Eng.
CMPT 214
Teaching and Learning with Technology
CMPT 238
Data Structure & Algorithms
CMPT 241
Web Programming
CMPT 258
Database Systems I
CMPT 312
Operating Systems
CMPT 334
Computer Organization
CMPT 335
Discrete Structures
CMPT 341
Programming Languages
CMPT 353
Systems Programming
CMPT 360
Object Oriented Design with Java
CMPT 363
Data Mining
CMPT 364
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
CMPT 367
Intro to Computer Security
CMPT 375
Internship for Juniors
CMPT 420
Artificial Intelligence
CMPT 438
CMPT 439
Numerical Computation
CMPT 456
Software Engineering
CMPT 463
Tpc Cmpt Sci:Data Mining
CMPT 465
Neural Networks and Learning Systems
CMPT 466
Computer Networks
CMPT 467
Special Topic: Networks
CMPT 468
Tpc Computer Sci: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies
CMPT 469
Indp Sty: Medical Informatics
CMPT 475
Internship for Seniors
CMPT 490
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