ITG 484 - Music & Cultur in Radio Age

This Integrative Experience Course considers the paths to successful citizenship in a pluralistic society by examining historical events during the creation of commercial radio in the early 20th century. An attempt at cultural mediation undertaken primarily by women and women's clubs unsuccessfully sought to enlist the support of the emerging networks in restricting public exposure to jazz and "hillbilly" music and instead promote what they considered morally superior: concert music in the European tradition, which they called "good music." After studying this movement and the cultural context within which it developed, students will consider the lessons these events may offer for living together in today's increasingly multicultural society. Students will write a reflective essay of between 600 and 1000 words, and a research essay of at least 2500 words on a problem or topic of their choosing that is responsive to the issues raised by the course. This will fulfill three credits of the Integrative Experience Course requirements. Prerequisite: Completion of Connective Experience. Junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor.
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