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GIST 301 - Capstone in Global and International Studies

Prerequisites: Students must have junior or senior standing and must be International Studies majors to take this course.This course focuses on an important global issue or set of issues relevant to the concerns of the International Studies program. Specific content may change from semester to semester. Outcomes: Students will acquire an in-depth knowledge of an issue critical to a comprehensive understanding of the interdisciplinary field of international studies. Class Notes: This semester's Capstone course focuses on how changes in technology affect society in three broad areas. First, we will examine the rise of social media, censorship, and the privacy issues these developments have created. The European Union's new "right to be forgotten" law will be explored as potential model for the protection of on-line privacy. Second, we will explore how technology is changing the workplace, including whether the ongoing advances in AI/machine learning will or should lead to the provision of a universal basic income (UBI) guarantee. The arguments for and against such "free money" will be considered in part through a case study of the UBI program under development in parts of India. This section of the course will also assess the ethics and legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles as well as drone strikes and the military applications of AI including cyber warfare. Finally, we will consider some of the regulatory issues surrounding technology firms themselves, including the debate as whether they are best regulated as a utility, a media company, a content provider or other type of firm. Enrollment Requirements: Students must have junior or senior standing and must be Global and International Studies majors.
Global & International Studies
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