EXPL 292 - International Service Learning

This course is a seminar course focusing on community-based service in an international setting. The focus of the course will be on cultural and political practices from a community perspective through service-learning, in which students will work 50-75 hours over the academic period at international non-profit organizations. Prerequisite: Must have 30 credits completed (15 credits if a transfer student) and enroll through International Programs Office. Outcome: Students will gain professional experience in an international setting, engaging in direct service with a different culture and community, while reflecting on their service experiences in the context of cultural and political community development, the impact of the current environment on specific populations, contemporary issues, social justice and poverty, and global citizenship. Class Notes: Dates Abroad: February 28-March 9. Add Consent: Department Consent Required. Drop Consent: Department Consent Required. Requirement Designation: Service Learning.
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