DANC 321 - Modern Dance III: Intermediate Modern Dance Theories and Techniques

Instructor permission required.This course develops students' ability use modern dance technique. Students study the dance technique of Martha Graham and her influence on Modern Dance in America. Students apply and synthesize all aspects of technique by preparing for and presenting a public performance. This course may be taken six times for credit.Outcomes: Students increase core strength, coordination, flexibility and correct posture, improve dramatic awareness and develop physical power. Students demonstrate beginning synthesis and application of Graham technique in performance. Class Notes: Prerequisite Skills: Dancers must have developed strength, coordination and flexibility and work to apply these skills in a very demanding way. Graham technique requires correct placement sitting on the floor and standing as well as a strong sense of weight and opposition. This class satisfies the Engaged Learning requirement in the Public Performance category. THIS CLASS IS COMBINED WITH DANC 324 AND MEETS IN FAB 210 ON TTH AND MUND 409 ON MW.
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