DANC 213 - DANC 213 Ballet III Advanced Continuing Ballet

Pre-requisite skills: Student must demonstrate correct alignment and articulation at the barre and in the center when standing in first or fifth position. Student should have introductory proficiency in pirouettes en dehors and en dedans as well as petit allegro.This course serves students who have achieved proficiency in the basic elements of Continuing Ballet, but need to develop skills to meet the Intermediate level. Course focuses on reinforcing foundational technique in alignment and articulation and provides opportunities to develop strength, coordination and vocabulary required to advance to 311 Intermediate Ballet.Outcomes: Students will increase their awareness of overall dance alignment and articulation. They will develop strength, coordination and vocabulary preparing them for Intermediate Ballet. Students will enhance their ability to travel across the floor as well as conduct pirouettes. Adagio work in the center and grand allegro is introduced. Class Notes: Prerequisite Skills: Students should be familiar with the five feet and arm positions and be able to work in 5th position of the feet. Dancers should demonstrate correct alignment of the pelvis and spine in plié and relevé and while working at the barre. Dancer must be able to execute correct articulation of the feet and leg in tendu. They should be familiar with basic petite allegro and action of the feet, hips and leg. This class satisfies the Engaged Learning requirement in the Public Performance category.
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