CPST 345 - Introduction to IT: Networking, Cloud & Security

This course covers the fundamentals of IT systems, networking, and security. The course will cover fundamental computer networking concepts and principles, including the basics of the TCP/IP model and packet-based networking. Other topics include an overview of Wireless Networking, Cloud Computing, and an introduction to Cybersecurity. Prerequisite: COMP 170 with C- or better; Restricted to students enrolled in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Outcomes: Students will be able to: Describe how the Internet works; Make connections between devices Assess how data is transferred end to end; Perform basic Cloud Computing implementation and deployment; Describe essential features of Mobile Computing; and, identify and assess Cybersecurity threats and describe solutions to those threats. Class Notes: CPST 345-700N is an online section. Required synchronous sessions will be held Thursdays, 6-9PM CST. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: COMP 170 with C- or better . Restricted to students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
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