CPST 291 - Dynamic Programming Languages

Prerequisite for this course is COMP 170: Intro to Object-Oriented Programming. Restricted to students in the School of Continuing & Professional StudiesIntroduction to programming in dynamically typed languages, sometimes known as scripting languages. The primary language example will be Python; the course will cover Python data types, control structures, function definitions, objects and lambda expressions. A second language may be Ruby, PHP, Scheme or a similar language. The course will also briefly address how Javascript fits into the category of dynamic languages.¿ Ability to write short programs in Python, using loops, lists and dictionaries ¿ Ability to create graphical effects using Python ¿ Familiarity with the software-development process, and how software can be organized using classes and functions ¿ Familiarity with the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic languages, versus static typing ¿ Ability to compare Python to some other dynamic language, such as Ruby or PHP ¿ Ability to create a dynamic web page using Python or some other language. Class Notes: CPST 291-700N is an online section. Required synchronous sessions will be held Mondays 6-9PM CST and one session Friday 9/6 for holiday make-up class. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: COMP 170 with C- or better . Restricted to students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
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