CPST 245 - Macroeconomics

Restricted to students in the School of Continuing & Professional StudiesIntroduces economic analysis that studies system wide phenomena including inflation, economic growth and development and unemployment. Includes a focus on behavioral economics, and provides students with an opportunity to analyze real world economic and public policy decisions that have been influenced by non-economic factors included within its field.Outcomes: 1. Explain the law of supply and demand 2. Describe the nature of macroeconomic issues and problems 3. Articulate the objectives of monetary and fiscal policies and the function of the two principal policy makers 4. Analyze historical macroeconomic crises 5. Discuss basic macroeconomic goals such as GDP, CPI and unemployment 6. Assess public policy decisions from a behavioral economic perspective. Enrollment Requirements: Restricted to students in the School of Professional Studies.
Tier 2 Societal Knowledge
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