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CPST 200
Introduction to Degree Completion
CPST 201
Professional Identity and Development
CPST 205
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio
CPST 243
CPST 245
CPST 247
Computer Concepts and Applications
CPST 250
Foundations of Organizations
CPST 265
Special Topics
CPST 270
Effective Boards And Plans
CPST 272
Building A Volunteer And Support Base
CPST 274
Advocacy And Program Promotion
CPST 276
Introductory Finance And Budgetary Best Practices
CPST 278
Fundraising And Financial Sustainability
CPST 280
Mission And Organizational Development & Assessment
CPST 291
Dynamic Programming Languages
CPST 295
The Internship Experience
CPST 310
Accounting Principles and Application
CPST 315
Professional Technical Writing
CPST 320
Program Evaluation
CPST 322
Strategic Communication Tools for Applied Psych
CPST 325
Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization
CPST 335
Law and Regulations for Organizational Leaders
CPST 340
Marketing Concepts and Strategies
CPST 342
Introduction to Web Application Development
CPST 343
Software Development for Mobile Devices
CPST 345
Introduction to IT: Networking, Cloud & Security
CPST 349
Project Management
CPST 350
Human Resources Principles & Practices
CPST 360
Development And Change In Organizations
CPST 370
Leadership Theories And Applications
CPST 371
Organizational Finance
CPST 380
Leadership, Culture and Ethics
CPST 390
Organizational Theory and Practice
CPST 395
Advanced Special Topics in Management
CPST 397
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