COMM 374 - Sp Top: Film & Dig Media

DMST-MC and Students in IES can also enroll. These courses offer in-depth reading, research, and discussion in specialized areas dealing with film and digital media. Course titles and content vary. May be repeated for up to 9 hours, but only 6 may count toward the major. Class Notes: VR (Virtual Reality) production is becoming a new visual storytelling tool. Applications of VR span filmmaking, journalism, advertising, public relations, and gaming. This course is focused on hands-on experimental practice with the latest VR production technologies and facilities. The production projects may apply to film, Ad/PR and journalistic visual storytelling in a user-navigated interactive form. Curiosity and creativity are essential for this breathtaking new method of visual storytelling. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: COMM 175 or COMM 201 or DMST-MC (Digital-Media & Storytelling Masters program).
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