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BEHL 401
Clin Topics in Bioethics
BEHL 402
Justice & Health Care
BEHL 403
Ethics Care Continuum
BEHL 404
Biomed Ethics and Law
BEHL 405
Research and Ethics
BEHL 406
Prin Health Care Ethics
BEHL 407
Social Determinants of Health and Bioethics
BEHL 408
Ethics, Gen. and Health Policy
BEHL 409
Religion and Bioethics
BEHL 411
Public Health Ethics
BEHL 413
History of Medicine and Bioethics
BEHL 414
Moral Theology for Bioethics
BEHL 415
Catholic Bioethics in Clinical Practice
BEHL 416
Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice
BEHL 420
Advanced Topics in Bioethics and Law
BEHL 421
Practicum in Clinical/Research Ethics
BEHL 422
Practicum in Organizational/Public Health Ethics
BEHL 423
Doctoral Capstone I
BEHL 424
Doctoral Capstone II
BEHL 425
Empirical Bioethics
BEHL 427
Professionalism and Professional Ethics
BEHL 428
Writing and Scholarship Skills
BEHL 429
Pediatric Ethics
BEHL 430
Advanced Clinical Ethics Skills
BEHL 431
Advanced Topics in Research Ethics: Special Populations
BEHL 491
Special Topics
BEHL 492
Master's Research - Capstone
BEHL 493
Independent Study
BEHL 500
Introduction to Healthcare Mission Leadership
BEHL 501
Church and Mission
BEHL 502
Christian Doctrine and History
BEHL 503
Foundations of Christian Spirituality
BEHL 504
Spiritual Paths in World Religions
BEHL 505
Advanced Concepts in Health Systems Management
BEHL 506
Fiscal Management for Health Care Organizations
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