MBA 6073 - Global Strategic Management

Global Strategic Management is the capstone course in the MBA program. This course exposes the student to the many dimensions of strategic business planning and decision making in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing global environment. The course covers the analysis of the external global environment; the creation of vision and mission statements that define the organization’s strategic direction, role in society and long-term objectives; the development of effective business strategies for creating sustainable competitive advantage and for responding to the opportunities and threats identified in the external environment; and the successful implementation of the organization’s strategies and achievement of its goals. The student will apply knowledge and skills learned from prior courses in leadership, economics, finance, marketing, management, and other disciplines to the development and implementation of an organization’s strategy. The student will learn numerous, unique strategic planning tools, concepts and techniques that are used to conduct the strategic management tasks. Students will understand how to think strategically and connect the disciplines of strategy and leadership to effectively assess, formulate, plan, and implement the strategic plan.
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