MUS 570 - St Mh: Experimentalism In Musc

Prerequisite: See note below. Areas of study are Medieval Music, Renaissance Music, Baroque Music, Viennese Classicism, Romantic Music, Twentieth-Century Music, Jazz,Opera Repertory. MUS 570, MUS 580, and MUS 585 - MUS 586 are intended for master's degree students or advanced undergraduates admitted by permission of the instructor and with the recommendation of the undergraduate advisor. Note: Master's degree students may enroll in these courses at the 600-level under two conditions: 1) when 600-level courses are required by a specific curriculum (eg, MM in Music History), and 2) with the approval of the student's advisor. The following criteria, subject to adjustment by the instructor according to the nature of the course and its organization, will distinguish the work of students registered under one or the other number. Students enrolled in either 500- or 600-level courses are required to write term papers. Research papers at the 600-level are expected to demonstrate originality and the ability to use resources in at least one foreign language, and in general are expected to be of a quality appropriate to a professional paper. While students enrolled at either level are required to participate in a seminar be presenting reports and papers, those registered at the 600-level may be required to assume full responsibility for the development and direction of a study, by the whole class, of a particular subject or problem.
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