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ECPY 302
Sem On Pers & Acad Inquiry
ECPY 355
Dev Campus Leadership
ECPY 507
Learning & Human Develop
ECPY 540
ECPY 601
Intro Clin Men Hlth Coun
ECPY 605
Human Development
ECPY 607
Learning & Human Develop
ECPY 611
Learn Sys-Theory/Prac
ECPY 619
Empir / Theor Found Couns
ECPY 621
Diff Diag&Treat Coun
ECPY 623
Help Skills For Csp Prof
ECPY 629
ECPY 630
ECPY 632
Clinical Art Tx I : Theo
ECPY 633
Clinical Art Tx II : Asm
ECPY 638
Group Art Therapy Techn
ECPY 639
Prev & Treat Sub Abuse
ECPY 640
Assess Method/Counselors
ECPY 641
Applied Methods Art Tx
ECPY 643
Field Studies In Art Tx
ECPY 648
Psychological Assess 1
ECPY 649
Psychological Assess 11
ECPY 650
Group Process & Practice
ECPY 653
Grief Med Couns Art Tx
ECPY 660
Int To Stu Per Work
ECPY 661
Theory Of Coll Studt Dev
ECPY 662
Stu Aff Prog,Pol, Prac
ECPY 663
Multicultural Issues
ECPY 664
College Student Sub-Cult
ECPY 670
Career Counseling
ECPY 672
Clin Men Hlth Coun Prac
ECPY 673
Practicum-Counsel Psych
ECPY 674
Pract In Sch Coun
ECPY 676
Pract In Art Therapy
ECPY 677
Research In At And Couns
ECPY 680
Practicum - Assessment
ECPY 681
Int-Col Per Services
ECPY 682
Clin Men Hlth Coun Int
ECPY 683
Intern In Counsel Psych
ECPY 684
Intern In School Counsel
ECPY 695
Capstone Seminar In Csp
ECPY 700
Supervised Research - Ecpy
ECPY 701
Epme Doctoral Seminar
ECPY 710
Social Ecol & Social Beh
ECPY 730
Soc Lgl Eth Iss In Coun
ECPY 740
Instrument Development
ECPY 745
ECPY 761
Prog Dev&Eval In Stu Aff
ECPY 775
Biological Bases Of Beha
ECPY 780
Adv Practicum Counsling
ECPY 782
Doctoral Internship
ECPY 793
Proseminar In Counselng Psych
ECPY 795
Doctoral Research
ECPY 797
Epme Internship
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