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CHEM 101
Intro To Chemistry - S
CHEM 103
Intro Chemistry Lab - Sl
CHEM 105
Chem For Health Professn - S
CHEM 201
Hon: General Chemistry 1-S
CHEM 202
General Chemistry II - S
CHEM 207
Hon: Intro To Chem Analy I-Sl
CHEM 208
Hon:Intro To Chem. Anal II -Sl
CHEM 209
Intro To Chem Analysis III
CHEM 210
Intro To Chem Analysis IV
CHEM 341
Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 342
Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 343
Organic Chem Lab I
CHEM 344
Organic Chem Lab II
CHEM 390
Undergrad Research -Wr;Cue
CHEM 391
Undergrad Research - Cue
CHEM 392
Undergrad Research - Cue
CHEM 420
Coop Intern Chem - Wr, Cue
CHEM 425
Instr & Statistical Analy
CHEM 430
Prac Chem Ed - Cue
CHEM 441
Elements Of Phys Chem
CHEM 445
Survey Of Biochemistry
CHEM 465
Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 466
Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 470
Physical Chemistry Lab - Wr
CHEM 491
Undergrad Research - Cue
CHEM 492
Undergrad Research
CHEM 515
Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 527
Separations & Spec - Wr
CHEM 528
Synthesis And Analysis I-Cue
CHEM 529
Synthesis And Analysis II
CHEM 545
Biochemistry I
CHEM 546
Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 547
Biochemistry II
CHEM 550
Grp Theory Chem App
CHEM 555
Computational Chemistry
CHEM 557
Bio-Organic Phenom
CHEM 620
Spectro Methods Of Analy
CHEM 621
Electroanalytical Chem
CHEM 622
Analytical Separations
CHEM 625
Adv Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 645
Advanced Biochemistry I
CHEM 647
Advanced Biochemistry II
CHEM 653
Main Group Chemistry
CHEM 654
Adv Coordination Chem
CHEM 659
Materials Chem & Methods
CHEM 661
Chem Thermodynamics
CHEM 675
Sp Top-Organic Chem
CHEM 677
Mech Theo Org Chem
CHEM 679
Adv Organic Synth
CHEM 684
Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 691
CHEM 692
CHEM 695
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