SAGR 114 - Introduction To Sustainable Agriculture

Course surveys a diverse set of principles and practices that support the sustainable production of food. A wide variety of local farms, community partners, and related businesses provide examples of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Lecture highlights current agricultural research, historical and cultural approaches to farming, and explores diverse perspectives of what is sustainable. Laboratory experiences include tours, demonstrations, and hands-on activities at a variety of local crop and livestock farms, and travel is provided as part of the course. Students explore career options through shared experiences with local farmers. Course promotes the holistic development of academic, social, personal, and career skills, and may contain a Service Learning component. Laboratory required. (A special fee will be assessed.). Class Notes: Note: This course provides an orientation to career and academic pathways in both Short-term Technical Certificates for Sustainable Agriculture and Specialty Crop Growers. Lab involves extensive travel to a variety of off-campus farms and agricultural businesses. Transportation provided by LCCC. This course has computer component; student must have internet access to complete the course requirements (i.e. CANVAS activities, online homework, etc.). Enrollment Requirements: None.
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