SAGR 110 - Permaculture: Principles And Applications

This course is an introduction to permaculture, an organizing framework for the application of systems thinking and ecological design to implement a vision of consciously designed landscapes, and related social systems, yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs. Building on a core set of ethical precepts and design principles, students will gain practical knowledge in designing productive and resilient landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature. The course explores the regenerative implications of permaculture at the site-specific, local, bioregional and global levels of scale, as well as applications in the areas of disaster preparedness, community resilience, biodiversity, and food security. Course includes a substantial experiential education component with at least half of the instructional time spent utilizing hands-on application and practice. In completing both SAGR 110 Permaculture: Principles and Applications and SAGR 111 Permaculture Design for Community, the student may also earn professional Permaculture Design Certification. Class Notes: Note: Successful completion of this course in addition to SAGR 111 Permaculture Design for Community will earn the student professional certification in Permaculture Design. These two courses represent LCCC's version of the Cleveland Permaculture Design Course. This course has computer component; student must have internet access to complete the course requirements (i.e. CANVAS activities, online homework, etc.). Enrollment Requirements: None.
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