BIOG 122 - Anatomy And Physiology II

This course is a continuation of Anatomy & Physiology I. The structure and function of the following human organ systems are examined: reproductive (including embryology and fetal development), digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic (including immunity), respiratory, and urinary (including fluid/electrolyte and acid/base balance). Cadaver-based laboratory required. (A special fee will be assessed.) Natural Science Core Course. (OTM). Class Notes: Note: This class is web-blended; student must have internet access. Class is required to meet on campus on scheduled days. At least 50% of the class work requires using the CANVAS, web-based course management system. First time online/blended students must successfully complete the Canvas Student Orientation located in CANVAS before access to this class is permitted. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in BIOG 121.
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