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HONS 373 - HON: Reproductive Justice

In this course, students will explore the organizing framework known as “reproductive justice” (RJ). This framework, developed by women of color and indigenous women in the 1990s, combines the concepts of “reproductive rights” and “social justice.” It expands the traditional “reproductive rights” framework which mostly focused on abortion and birth control and was too narrow to fully address the needs of marginalized groups, particularly of women of color, indigenous, and trans* folks. Students will use a variety of disciplinary lenses (socio-cultural, gender and sexuality, economic, political and legal, scientific and medical) in order to explore such RJ topics as sterilization abuse, population control, domestic violence, incarceration, childcare, poverty, welfare rights, and infant and maternal mortality. Prerequisite: Completion of the HCI Pillar. 3 credits.
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