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WLDGC 2102804 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

An introduction to the shielded metal arc welding process. Emphasis placed on power sources, electrode selection, oxy-fuel cutting, and various joint designs. Instruction provided in SMAW fillet welds in various positions. Students will develop knowledge and skills in the welding process; safety and health, use and care of hand tools, and five essentials of shielded metal arc, strike and control the arc, run a straight bead in the flat position, complete a series of beads, and restart a continuous bead and fill the crater; perform fillet welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions; discuss electrode selection, power sources, and safety. Students work independently in the welding booth under the guidance of an instructor to meet and/or exceed the competencies. Break test may be used. Student purchases personal tools, supplies and workbook. Class Notes: 1 Hour Break. No class 9/28.
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